Hall of Fame Selection Eligibility

The athletic department seeks the input of all graduates of Bartlett High School to ensure that the Hall of Fame, established in 2001 by a vote of the Webster School Committee, is successful.

Requirements for selection to the Hall of Fame include:
1. Individual athletes must be a graduate of Bartlett High School.
2. Eligibility is based upon recipients having graduated a minimum of seven years before receiving the award.
3. Anyone who has made an outstanding contribution to Bartlett High School athletics, in any capacity, shall be eligible.
4. Eligibility shall not be based primarily on the athletic prowess of the individual in a varsity sport.
5. Selection shall be made on the basis of playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character, and the athlete’s contribution to the team or teams on which he or she played, and to Bartlett High School in general.
6. Selection shall not be made on one athletic event or one spectacular play.
7. Selection shall not be made on the basis of sentiment or popularity in order to protect the validity and exclusiveness of the Hall of Fame.


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Contact the Bartlett High School Athletic Director (52 Lake Parkway, Webster, MA 01570; 508-943-8552) with information pertaining to the candidacy of an individual, or individuals, for future consideration for the Bartlett High School Sports Hall of Fame.