Shawn "Beef" Hetherman, one of the more well-known behind the scenes figures in Bartlett Athletic history, has shown dedication for nearly four decades as a contributor to the Bartlett Athletic Program.

Shawn graduated from Bartlett in 1981, having played varsity baseball his junior and senior years and was recognized by Hall of Fame Coach Bob Pepka as "a great third base coach, the best I ever had!" However, it was his work as an Athletic Trainer that began during his high school years for which he is receiving well deserved recognition. In 1979, Beef became one of the first student trainers at Bartlett, a new program started that year by Health Department Teacher and long-time Athletic Trainer John Daniel.

Beef would spend his junior and senior years as the Student Athletic Trainer for the entire athletic program. He also spent all four of his high school years as the team manager for the football and basketball teams. These teams included the Hall of Fame 1978-1979 Boys' Basketball State Championship Team.

Beginning in 1983, Beef rejoined the Bartlett Athletic program serving as the program's Athletic Trainer. Beef continued in this role for 21 years before taking a break from the program, ultimately returning several years later.

Although his title was Athletic Trainer, Beef made the role much more than that. Beef voluntarily assumed the role of equipment manager for the teams, ensuring all players were properly equipped. Beef would always make adjustments to his personal schedule to accommodate the equipment or treatment needs of a player prior to a game. Many athletes would find him at their side providing words of encouragement, almost as a personal coach and mentor. Beef was once quoted as saying "I love doing it. The friendships I have made over the years, that's what it's all about."

A Contributor is someone who goes beyond the norm in terms of hours of commitment and exceeds the expectations of a position while displaying a passionate interest toward a cause and expressing a strong desire to bring about a quality result in an organization. Beef clearly meets this definition and has done so over many years with no financial interest in mind and always in addition to a full-time job.

John Daniel said "Beef is devoted to Bartlett and the athletes. He took pride in being able to help athletes perform to their best abilities. He is the true personification of 'Bartlett Pride.' They don't make his type anymore."

Shawn's commitment to sports has continued in the community through his long time involvement in the Webster Little League and Pop Warner programs.

Shawn lives in Webster with his wife Angela and their children Alex and Emily. He is a custodian for the Webster School Department.