A sports love affair and friendship with fellow athletes are prime reasons Dick Pizzetti played baseball and football for Bartlett High School.

It was a privilege, he says, to have been able to play those sports with many of his friends.

Dickís senior year in football was special for him. Not only did Bartlett have a successful season, but also playing for new coach Bob Devlin was particularly rewarding. Coach Devlin came from St. Johnís High to Bartlett for one year, helping the Indians to a winning season.

Highlights of that 1954 season included wins over Aldrich High (RI) and Manchester High (CT), with Dick playing welling in both games. Also that season, Bartlett beat Clinton for the first time in 13 years, tied a strong Auburn team, and enjoyed Thanksgiving Day dinner after shutting out Southbridge, 25-0.

Dick says it also was a privilege to play baseball under Coach George Finnegan and then Ziggy Strzelecki. The Indians compiled a 13-1 baseball record in his senior year.

Beyond high school, Dick played American Legion baseball, traveling all over New England. He remembers traveling to Cooperstown, NY for a game, but it was rained out.

He also has some fond memories about playing softball. He played with some very talented players such as Al Suss, Wigs Deary, John Stefanik, Pro Pizzetti, Joe Maisto, and Rocky Miller.

Dick Pizzetti says he is extremely proud to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and promises to always cherish the award.